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Trail infrastructure of this scale requires help from all levels of Government. Let your elected representatives need to know that you want to make trail infrastructure a priority when allocating money for transportation infrastructure. Below is the contact information for your elected representatives.

Regional: stanhope@shaw.ca

Alternatively, you can click on the below link to e-mail your Mayor and Council, Provincial Representatives & Federal Representatives. Click BELOW for a form letter to be generated to all your elected representatives.

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Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing to encourage you to prioritize the funding of the Nanaimo Region Rail Trail in the city budget and when applying for grants. As we make the shift away from motor vehicle reliance and lower carbon emission it is imperative that we provide safe alternatives to taking our cars. Getting people on the trail also leads to healthier more active citizens. Trails make cycling more accessible to people of all ages, abilities and income levels.

The City has already built half of the required trail and I urge you to make the funding of the E&N Trail one of the City’s top transportation and recreation priorities once again.