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Dec 20th 2013
Nanaimo Region Rail Trail Partnership Selects its next planned expansion of the Rail Trail.
The NRRT have selected their top fundraising priority for the Rail Trail as the block from Franklin to Albert. Members of the NRRT have decided to use the most recently completed section of trail between Fitzwilliam and Franklin as a launching point for future trail expansion. In a recent survey of cyclist it was agreed that the expansion of the trail through the downtown core should be our top priority. It is our goal to head south from Franklin St using the rail Corridor to connect the trail to 5th St” said Partnership chair Andre Sullivan. From there the Partnership will decide if the next priority should be to continue south or head North from Fitzwilliam to connect with existing sections of Trail in the North End. To donate to this section or any other section of trail please click here or contact us for more information.